Business Mission

We believe “For Every Borrower there is a Lender”, we bring them together faster using technology with the help of our enterprising loan partner applications who help them organise for a loan with handholding you with support of our Technology.

We help small business enterprises to grow by getting them faster and simple access to business loans, using technology to reduce loan process cycle from need to log in and approvals from suitable lenders.

We see that small businesses are core at the economic growth in Australia contributing to the employment and income generation for business owners and employees. We give importance to loan as important component of the cash flow for small businesses and the road blocks they face in accessing the loans for starting and growing their business. We ensure that we find loans that fit you well in a fast and flexible manner. Our engagement with curated lenders assures you the chances of getting the much-needed loans to fund your business.

At Fincue, we connect Australian small business enterprises to the right lenders using technologies built with borrowers in mind. With our operations across Australia & India, we are well placed to connect your businesses to our preferred lending partners. If your business is looking at entering new markets, achieving market growth and to provide more products and services to existing customers, but are constrained by cash flow / working capital, Fincue should be your come to place for borrowing business loans for your needs.

Fincue has designed technology, built partnerships with loan associates and tied up with lenders to get you business loans for your business to grow to your potential.

What we offer to Australian Small & Medium Businesses

  • We connect you to the right lenders for Business Loans (secured and unsecured), short, medium or long term for working capital and asset purchase.

  • We provide trained loan partners to find right loan product and lender for your loan need.

  • We start with you, understand your loan requirements and find the right solution for your business needs.

  • We want to be your partner to progress in contributing to the Australian Economy, offering employment, contributing to GDP and exports.

    On Your Demand Side we are with you;

  • To bring loan product knowledge to meet your needs engaging with you through our trained partners

  • To offer curated lenders selected for small and medium business segment meeting all kinds of loan needs adding more options.

  • To increase your bargaining power with lenders for better size of loans at cheaper cost increasing yourself financial knowledge with Digital Financial Identity a Fincue Digital Loan Key and automated online loan application for ease of borrowing well supported by trained Loan Partners.

  • On the Supply Side of Loans

  • We help you as Lenders to increase loan business to Small & Medium business Segment.

  • We bring you as Lenders close to the borrowers business loan needs with our Technology and qualified Loan Partners.

  • We want to reach millions of Borrowers bringing billions worth of loans to grow your business and grow with your needs to bring right loan business to the lenders to meet their appetite. For this we have technology to help you, we are available to speak to and our partners to meet you and take you through loan processes so that you can focus on your business.